A high tack, clear, lubricating gel which provides lubrication.

Grease in a can

This unique product sprays on and into hard to reach places. It changes from a penetrating fluid to tough, tack free grease.

Mr. CC Electronic Cleaner

Used for critical cleaning of printed circuits, precision electronic gauges and instruments, motors, switches, relays, potentiometer, control panels, TV tuners, office machines, coin chutes, hermetic motors, micro-modules, etc.

Mr. Nut Buster

Penetrates through rust and scale to loosen parts which have been frozen by corrosion.

Mr. Rust Buster

Used on automotive, marine, farm, electrical and mechanical equipment; lubricates, cleans, penetrates and stops corrosion on all metals.

No Sweat

Is a convenient, ready to use spray on pipe insulator.


Converts rusted surfaces to an inert black coating which protects and prevents future rusting.


A highly concentrated solvent designed to remove dirt, grease, oil and grime from metallic and nonmetallic surfaces.

Strip It

For removal of vinyl, ploy and plastic film, decals and stickers, cork, rubber, felt, paper, metal and composite gaskets.